Tactics Tactics Tactics - How many do you do a day?

I try to do at least 50 (most not on this website) a day but would like to get to 200 a day. Interestingly, the most tactics puzzles I do the faster I can do them... sometimes.

What is your favorite tactics book? website?

I like the "Sharpen Your Tactics: 1125 Brilliant Sacrifices, Combinations, and Studies" book, ICC TrainingBot, and (and some tactics here).

i do 5 to 10 a day at most, maybe an hour or two at most. i solve 68%, apparently. someone i know does a lot more than me, and her solve % is below the missed %. idk which approach is better. mine works for me, i guess. i liked polgar's book, although i only did the 1 and two move puzzles, but those are a large part of the book. i like, but am playing around here on lichess, also tried chesstempo. their interface seems super busy, tho. i tried chess24, but they have so many ads it's disgusting. also, unworkable for my dsl....

oh, and i do the chess captcha's on these forums........ those are good

Puzzle solving gets a lot of hate around here, but honestly I went from 1600 to 2150 in a few months here without any serious study, doing almost nothing but all kinds of tactics from various sources, 20-100 per day. Of course I read a couple of books prior to this, and puzzles do include endgame puzzles and even positional puzzles where there isn’t a forced combination, but rather a correct positional or defensive idea. When I play people up to 2300 I can sense that it’s all about tactics and speed. I win when I’m faster and spotted a tactic, I lose when my opponent is faster with tactics. I can feel I can improve a lot more if I study the game seriously (analyze my losses, read more books, play live tournaments, get a steady teacher etc.) but 2150 without serious study isn’t bad progress, and it’s almost entirely tactical puzzles that did that.

Maybe after 2400+ like Nakamura says chess indeed becomes only 50% tactics, but under 2400 it’s 90-95% tactics.

For sources, I like puzzle rush, Lev Alburt’s 300 training positions book, and Rey Chen’s 600 practical exercises book. On my phone I do CT Art and chess tactics pro apps. About to start Alburt’s book for the 5th time... still missing some puzzles... FML... I’d like instant recognition of every puzzle in it as Alburt recommends.

I solve one puzzles on every time I log on, and I solve the puzzle of the day on this site. My vision is too poor to read books for any amount of time, but I do suggest Alburt's 300 training positions.

I like to do tactics a lot and here it's hard not to just keep on going to the next one; I also do the limit at chess24 and

Is it possible for the people who run this site to give us tactics for crazyhouse ?

I've only read one book really; it was "The Complete Book of Chess," I believe and went through grandmaster games w/ pieces on a chessboard , this really helped me a lot.

Some hundreds of ... books. Rather a lot in the past.

I do maybe 5-10 a day. And my low rating reflects that, lol.

i dunno rating looks fine to me...

new to this site - hadn't heard tactic hating yet.....? is there talk people feel tactics are not worth spending time on?

Yes, that's what he's talking about, but I think there's just as many people who know the worth of tactics training and praise it.

As for me, I do maybe 1 to 10 a day depending on how I feel.

Chess Tactics for Champions, Susan Polgar

I do tactics on
My tactics rating went from 1200 to currently 2100 in some months. It took me 9000 tactics, so we can claim I'm a slow learner. At average it took me 70 seconds per tactic. The higher you get the more time you have to use to solve them. My aim is to maintain it and solve at average 150 per week.