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  3. Tactical opening as white?

1.g4 is also tactical stuff but it is not really correct of course. Still good for blitz games.

If in general you have problems with quiet positions this is of course something you should work on.

try 1 e4 e5 2nf3 nf6 3bc4 and if he goes nf6 then 4 ng5.its interesting and sharp

e4. E5. Nc3. Bc4. Should fit you. Like a Nice pot in poker.

After 1 Nc3, there's not much in the way of independent lines.
If Black wants a double k's pawn opening, he can play 1...Nf6 2 e4 e5 and if he's a Sicilian playern 1...c5 is good. After 2 Nf3 followed by 3 d4 he has to be careful to avoid pitfalls, but with a precise move order he can obtain any desired variation.
Otherwise for a French just 1...e6, a Caro 1...c6 etc
In fact if he wants, Black has some interesting independant options, but conversly, White cannot favorably avoid any standard defense to 1 e4

@HighlyCruciferous the main idea is to provoke black playing d7-d5-d4. In the resulting positions white has simple piece play.

against 1...Nf6 white can prevent open games with 2.d4 and after 2...d5 transpose to Veresov.

I understand the provocating quality of the move, but objectively, it just doesn't cut out any of Black's normal options against 1 e4.
Against 1...Nf6, White can indeed opt for Veresov instead of Open Games, but he could achieve the same by opening 1 d4 if that's really what he wants.

@Water_Flame 1 e4 e5 2 Qh5 is original and fun and can lead to some nice simple attacking chess. It has actually been played in classical time control by the likes of Nakamura and no one has really come up with more than equal/unclear solutions for Black.
Check out specialist GM FunkyChess' games on this site.


White can not prevent Caro-Kann or Fench style setups anyway (but 1.Nc3 prevents the open games if white wants). The 'advantage' of 1.Nc3 over 1.d4 is that White has the extra option 1.Nc3 d5 e4!? Edit: and 1.Nc3 e5 Nf3 Nc6 d4!?

I fail to see the logic in that. 1.Nc3 does not prevent the Open Games unless White wants a Veresov, in which case he might as well open 1.d4 since Black can not avoid that either after 1. d4 d5 or 1. d4 Nf6. I suppose if you hate to play against the Dutch and the Open Games and are happy with a Veresov or any other King's pawn opening it can make some sense, but the point is that it really doesn't cut out any of Black's choices from his standard repertoire, whatever that may be.

I explained myself already, i cant do more. It depends on you if you want to understand me or not :)

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