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  3. Swiss Pairing Question

Last week at my local chess club (round 2), the results looked like this (names made up):

2 pts:

1.5 pts:

I drew my games tonight with NN3 (1.5 pts.). So assuming Larry wins and Sam loses, this weeks results should like:

3 pts.

2.5 pts.

Who gets to face the player in first place? Do I get to because I was previously in the lead (round 2)?

Any help would be appreciated.

I do not consider anyone with fewer than 2.5 pts.

A player with 2.5 pts who has won two games in a row and has a live win streak is more likely to face the player in first place. This might not be right, though. I am telling you this based on my experience in tournaments.

@Thezombieman Yeah it's a little tricky. That's what I thought as well, I have 2 wins and one draw. The others, of course, each lost a match.

That's true. However, once in a five-round tournament I was 2/2 after the second round. I had to face the top player(he was also 2/2)on board 1. I lost that game, but I slipped only two boards. I faced a 2/3 whom I defeated and then I moved back to board 1. Then I played against a 3.5/4(I was 3/4) and lost. Later I learnt that the guy who had defeated me in the third round had lost his last game and had got 2nd prize. Also,the guy who defeated me in the last round ended up getting the first prize. I checked the tournament website where I saw that I was still ranked 6th among all participants(there were 40 in all), despite having lost 2 games out of five. My performance rating was also very high. Any explanations?

@Masquerade In the 4th round, Larry must play against the high rated 2.5 player with the opposite colour

@lucila-solis Awww really? I don't think I am the highest rated :-( that's bs

@Masquerade When the tournement starts the participants are arranged in accordance to their ratings (top rated is nr 1). If a player must take some opponent with less points, he takes the best rated with the opposite colour

@Masquerade highest rated 2.5 plays the 3 in most cases, unless colors don't work


Since you listed yourself first as the top 2.5 score group, the assumption is you are the highest rated 2.5 pointer. The 3-point group score only has one player so he has to play the top ranked 2.5 score group, which is you.

"Do I get to because I was previously in the lead (round 2)?" ... No, standings doesn't matter when it comes to pairing. It mainly comes down to total points, rating, and then color history.

By the way, Larry will get his "due" color so for example, WBW -- he would be due black.

US Chess National TD / FIDE Arbiter