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How to legally get the white player to either draw with the black – or win....white to move ....

<a href=""><img src="" alt="chess prob" border="0" /></a>

no replies !

If white just moves the king black can't make progress.

i guess the puzzle is all about attempting a draw by white....

This is an infamous example from just a year ago, that no matter how powerful AI chess engines have become of late i.e AlphaZero, Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini etc would all crush to oblivion any human player, that they are still not human.

Any human would instantly recognize that white just moves king to any white square and draw guaranteed by the 50-move rule, but comps evaluate by piece value and do not (yet) have the ability to compute beyond 50-moves ahead. So, they are still stupid in this very one area and cannot behave like humans, even now. One tiny crumb of comfort for us mere mortals, is that the almighty chess-engines of today still have a tiny kink of artificiality about them in some very specific moments, like the above study.

If you put this position on Stockfish, you immediately appear as O, O. Stockfish immediately understands that the match is a draw.
What are you saying?

The computers you're talking about are many years old ...