Square Off Board and Lichess integration has been released!

Anyone with a Square Off board try it yet? I tried, but can’t seem to get matched with anyone so not sure it is working right.....

It isn't. Crashes everytime I try to login and authorize. Subsequent app updates have failed to solve the crashing issues

same here, still crashing. maybe there should be somewhere a hint how to solve this ?

I hope the integration issues get fixed soon.

I was really intrigued by Square Off when it debuted, but I remember there were quality control issues and some upset people. Can users share their experiences and which product they have?

I'd love to be able to play remotely on an actual board, and the idea of integrating with lichess is so damn sexy!

I play lichess on my Imac 27inch, can you play there with square off or only via mobile app?


I don't own a Square Off as you can tell from my previous post, but I did a lot of digging into the board. As I understand it, it connects via bluetooth so you should be able to download the software from the apple store and play that way.

That's my semi-educated guess, but hope it helps point you in a better direction.

Don’t think the phone app works with Lichess. As I tried to link my lichess account to the app. All it did when linked to the app in my case. When choosing online play was to link randomly to a correspondence game. I’m not sure if lichess are involved in working with square off in getting the app to work with your account? I did start a thread of my own (in lichess feedback) about the bug, but got someone asking why posting about it on that feedback part of the forum.

I only can advice that every one who has trouble connecting squareoff to lichess should report that to squareoff. the developer team of course needs the feedback. and to answer a question: yes, the board connects to a mobile phone with bluetooth. there is an app and the app connects either to squareoff community, chess com or lichess. i still wait for fixing the lichess crash bug.

My Squareoff board arrived today, can't issue a challenge to any particular Lichess player after login. Hope they get it fixed soon...

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