This old book - anyone own it? My question, is it written in Algebraic? Thank-you.

Yessir, that's it. Thanks. You think it's worth getting? Or would playing with StockFish be as good? . . . meaning, would it contain some 'not perfect' moves according to StockFish, but more trappy and tricky for opponent?
Thanks again NK.

Don't trust Stockfish in the opening, unless it tells you some move results in like +-2 position. It may be worth to check the lines in the book with it for these occurrences though, or even better check them out in your database of choice.

Schliemann is ok. I used to play all the main lines with White and learned that the longer the variation the better is Black (in terms of equality). So a reasonable choice.

Thanks all. I was about to pull the trigger on that 'Move by Move' book, but then saw it showed all games from White's pov. I'm playing it from Black's.

I think you will enjoy learning and playing the Schliemann - it is very agressive and fun. Perhaps I should try playing it again myself!

Just played the Schliemann. After I played Nf6, I was winging it. He was making me sweat, then BAM...heh, heh, Back row checkmate! 17 moves.