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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Somebody just reported me because I won a game with 6 ACPL but it was 11 moves.

After the game, I received a PM:
"nice computer moves cheater. I report you"
(I copy-pasted that with all spelling mistakes )

I know naming and shaming is bad but I won ONLY one game before this in that tournament and lost 4 times or something..

What should I do ?

A report on its own means nothing. You have nothing to worry about.

thank you

Well played.

In fact I had many „triple-zero“ games, see the last two ones actually. It should be no problem if the rest of the meta data is ok. Moreover it is easy if there are only a few moves and you just have to exploit some blunders.

Unfortunately there are lots of hobby ghostbusters underway who lack a proper interpretation and/or are sour.

I suggest regarding it as a compliment! :)

What should you do?
Next time, what you should NOT do is make a thread "naming and shaming."
You seem to think your specific case is somehow special? That it rests outside the protocols that apply to everybody else?

You write: "I know naming and shaming is bad, but"
There are no buts. You're simply seeking attention.

Oh btw, a favorite truism of a lawyer is:
"The guilty are always the 1st at denial", which only further puts your post in a bad light.

On another topic, I see once again you have in another thread posted that such and such is flagged as a "cheater". 1st off, the flag is for computer assistance. 2nd. These abusers are "shadow banned". Everybody except you (apparently) knows not to inform them of such in the public forums, which you are repeatably doing.

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