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It is a shame that almost no player in this community is able to follow the most simple social manners like hello and good game.

some people aren't here to make friends. welcome to the internet

Just think of real life, they say "how are you?", but no one is really interested in how you are. In an otb game they say "good luck", but no one wants you to have good luck of course. So it's just nothing, an automatism, in fact a lie. Some people say "hello" and ask where are you from. They pretend to be friendly and when they lose they just run away, no friendlyness anymore. So It's just an illusion. It's not welcome to the internet, it's welcome to life.

You guys must be really great at parties :rolleyes:

@Scuzzball lol


@OP I started a Discord channel that was dedicated to producing a core of players that made it their mission to brighten up this place.

4 out of 4 of the first contacts that I had on this site were above and beyond.
They really set the tone.

After that, it was about 4 in 44, and that's when I wanted to start a group to counteract the imbecilic tendencies of many of the users. (It's a sad happenstance that the people that destroy the atmosphere the most, are also typically the same people with the most to say.)


There wasn't really enough interest in it so I just let it collect dust; but, the theory was that the good could 'collect themselves' where the bad could never.

As such, over time, we could probably amass a big enough group to force a change in the atmosphere.

It would be a group of positive people to go up against the negative individuals. (A little bit like someone with a dust pan following behind a sloppy person that likes to litter when they walk down the street), and since precedent sets protocol, it would also encourage newcomers to this site to naturally extend and pay-forward the positivity that they received when they first showed up here.

One of the group's mandates was to extend a warm welcome to anyone with a provisional rating and offer a kind of, "let me know if you have any questions," offer.

Outside of this, there isn't much else that's really mandatory.

Optional, but recommended, would be "GG GL HF" before the games, and like Sargon said, "say nothing if you win unless they say GG first."

Just simple stuff like that.

Allowing takebacks on obvious slips if it's not time trouble might be optional, but recommended, as well.

Simple stuff.


The experience I had, was that I was in one of the most chessiest chesses that ever chessed, and they added time to my clock because the position was so imbalanced and crazy that it was justified because we both just wanted to see what would happen.

It was very sportsmanlike and it really set the tone for lichess as being my first memorable experience here.

I wanted to preserve that and increase that kind of vibe.


With all that said, OP, I don't know that you have that chipper kind of an upbeat attitude that's needed?

The people that I was thinking about wouldn't really use their time to post a DOWNER like what you've posted.

Instead they would post an UPPER of some sort.

They would say the same thing but they would assume ***TACT*** and use a polar opposite position to make it an upper:



Wow! Lichess is fantastic! I can't even believe my eyes with the amount of awesome chess players that I see here. Not just skillfully, but I mean attitude-wise. It's amazing!

I've played in so many other places, and the amount of snobs and introverts and whiners is incredible. I was starting to lose hope because I had to look under 100 stones just to find someone with a good attitude, but when I came to Lichess, I found where all of the good people went!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to offer opponents GG HF GL, and that offered me a warm welcome and answers to whatever questions I needed answered, and just the general positive atmosphere that most people here contribute.

Keep up the excellent character everyone, it makes all the difference!


There. Do you see the difference?
Do you see how people might actually read this and make a change?
Do you see how people might read this and step up their already very good attitudes and character?


But like I said...there just wasn't the interest in making this kind of a group so I abandoned the effort.


Re-read Scuzzball's comment again and take it to heart because his comment is very informative and exactly correct.

Be the change that you want to see.

I'm too lazy to feign politeness in the face of absolute strangers, let alone people I wanna beat in a chess game.

The Lichess vibe is cool by me. Hello's and How do you do's and GoodGames La la LALA la LA. I for one am dang proud of my fellow introverts and miscreants... Onward and Upward! Just play chess and kickass! Nevermind the drivel coming from above.

@spieldeslebens I agree.

@g3Bb2 I agree.

Imagine depending so much on an anonymous stranger saying hi over the Internet that you feel the need to whine about it publicly when it doesn't happen. How embarrassing. I hope you can find more meaningful things to occupy your thoughts.