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  3. So, done with chesscom

Completely agree. I'm in love with Lichess. In addition to what everybody said above I like its no second chance to cheaters policy.

Lichess = Good = Evil

... and water is more liquid than rocks. :]

You have a nice username though, don't change it!

thanks ahhahah.

but everywhere on internet since 1999 my nickname is fabio656 and i would like to have it here :(

i created ScaccoLento account 3 years ago just for try the site (i came from chesscom), but after 1 year i started to love lichess, and now i have this username that i doesn't love...

chesscom permits only 1 change per account, for me is a good thing.

@judahwo I see the gratuity of the lichess as an act of courage and love for chess. @Thibault really did it with dedication and affection, thinking of everyone's amusement.

Hmm. To me, fabio656 would be what one might settle for when @ScaccoLento is not available ;-)

I think you should switch it everywhere else instead. :-)

Too many times you're playing a computer posing as a human on chesscom. Hoping they don't do that here, but I've encountered about 12 different responses and different openings the last 13 games where the most common response, which is used 60% of the time, is only used about 5% of the time. It's like there's a computer following you and knows what openings/moves you play, so throws something else at you. Still, LiChess is probably the best.

I know lichess doesn't do that, and I'm sure doesn't either.

Also, the earth is round.

Thibault...are you sure it's not flat...this is pure speculation.

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