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  3. So, done with chesscom

Lichess is so much better! How did I not find this site ages ago. The free computer analysis and 'learn from my mistakes' feature is amazing!!!! That alone is worth the switch. Not to mention free lessons and puzzles. As soon as my correspondence games are done, I'll never be back on chesscom. Lichess ftw! And now, I'm realizing you have to solve a chess puzzle to post a forum topic... Cheers... well done guys. Best chess site on the internet by far!

Welcome. I too found lichess because of annoyances with

Lichess is fantastic and still getting better.

You damn right. Lichess is way better.

I am glad there is a They do alot for chess. But playing chess itself is better on lichess IMO. I love the simple but effective setup here. is a bit of a lagfest.

Lichess is probably the best website on the internet, period.

Agreed :)

what about google

I agree with you guys, chesscom seems laggy on top of all it's best features being locked behind a payway. Lichess is so much smoother. Simple interface, better analysis features, and all free. The only stuff that makes chesscom even remotely worth it is locked behind a paywall, so no thanks.

I like ICC, but their interface is a dinosaur. And of course it's not free.

i prefer lichess for more reasons;
1) is totally free and is full of tools
2) faster and easier interface
3) faster servers
4) better people here because in there is the obsession of rating
5) cheat detection and points refund

and much more....

only 3 suggestion for lichess;
- Trophies on profile if you win an official tournament (would be perfect a very little cup icon with the number of tournaments won)
- possibility to change the username (would be ok 1 time only)
- Titled players online

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