Millions of tournament players around the world need a place to keep their games stored! Players need a private personal database that they can use to store their own personal tournament chess games! And if we could do this on the no.1 chess website in the world!

How do you sign the petition?: Just reply to this post that you are in favor of this happening!
Let’s go for 7000 replies on this forum topic so Lichess and Thibault can see us!


The feature you are asking for already exists.
If you want to privately store your tournament games, you can create a study, set the visibility to "private", and load games onto it. After that you can explore variations, write comments on the moves, and draw arrows on the board.
All the "tournament players around the world" can do the same if they want.

Interesting idea! Thanks for tellling me, but lichess can still benefit from a private database that is outlined for that

I checked it out, you cannot add your name to it and it is a little difficult (it’s not designed primarily for private game storage database.) But it is better than nothing

I sign and I agree to this fanstastic, Brilliant idea

Thank you Komokid!
It means a lot for the support!

why dont you just open dropbox accoutn and store your games there?

I think it is still good to have a database that is chess specified

"Millions of tournament players around the world need a place to keep their games stored"
So they download SCID and the problem is solved.

If you need a "private game database" why would you want to store it anywhere else than on your private computer?