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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Sign my petition to restore lovlas's FM title.

Recently @lovlas confided to me his distress and shame of having been stripped of his FM title. I for one am determined to make things right and put pressure on @lichess to help this poor sod get it back in its rightful plaice.

Please add your name to my petition by posting below if you agree.



I thought of IM is better than FM

Guess if you pay the FIDE restores it for sure.

Ummm... I am confused. @lovlas still has a title, lichess did not strip it from lovlas. They just have a better one, an IM title.

@Sarg0n you have to pay if you want FIDE recognize your title? i used to believ it is automatic when you achieve that rating, how much did you pay for CM title?


(other countries might be similar or the country’s fed spends the sum for higher titles)

Thank you

Here are the FIDE fees:

Grandmaster: 330 Euro
International Master: 165 Euro
FIDE Master: 70 Euro
Candidate Master: 50 Euro

The federation has to pay it and can send you an invoice to get it back from you.

Can you please explain what is his story about?

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