Sicilian players hate it : CRUSH the Sicilian with this simple trick

@tijilsingh said in #14:
> That's the exact reason why I switched to 1.d4 from 1.e4

It's like Ben S Chess said:

"Playing against the Sicilian is like taking a test you haven't studied for hundreds of times in a row. Your opponent only needs to know one variation of his ground breaking opening while you have to be prepared to play against the Dragon Sicilian, Najdorf Sicilian, Classical Variation, Scheveningen Variation, ... Most of the time you will be playing the same 17 moves of the Najdorf every single game until you give up and play the grob opening in classical time control."

Avoid the pain, crush the Sicilian, play 1. d4

i like the sicilian as black, but i really see no reason why i should fear playing with white. And white has quite a choice too. Wenn i started to play the sicilian it took 1,5 years before i played my first open sicilian as black. I almost forgot what to do - in that time i woundered why the open sicilian was referred as "main line". I thought a main line has its name cause people playing it - and don't avoid it....

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