Shuffle Crazyhouse Chess

Sometimes standard initial crazyhouse position can be boring. I selected 8 positions where the back rank pieces are shuffled except the king and rook positions. Created a tournament, single RR, but each match is consisted of 16 games from 8 shuffled positions (start side reversed) including the standard initial position from crazyhouse.


Tour link:

Sample games:
Thank you, Duropo! I find this to be very entertaining and fascinating. I have never heard of Imortal and SYSTACSAC crazyhouse engines.
IMHO, "SYSTACSAC" is not a good name : too long and difficult to remember ...

I don't know why people bother themselves and write engine software for effing game. These engines take all the fun...
Well, to me it is just waste of time. You could simply start from that position. But I guess for now it doesn't support that position.
Btw 960 crazyhouse has been requested long time ago and JannLee showed his support for adding it on lichess. I hope they manage to add it on lichesss soon.

But to be honest since the start of engine era, no one is playing like Tal or Nezhmetdinov. Now adays most of the games end with a draw.
At least there should be a variant without any engine involvement.
Maybe Seirawan Chess or Seirawan Crazyhouse ?

"But I guess for now it doesn't support that position."

Perhaps Lichess can thru board editor.

The reason I am doing the inital moves to arrive at the position is that some engines do not support the setboard command for crazyhouse. So with initial moves, the GUI will just feed those moves which most engines supported instead.

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