Share your Server and Ping values

Ping: 20 ms (55 ms on my phone via WLAN)
Server: 0.7 ms
Living in Germany. On a trip abroad I noticed, that the ping mainly depends on your distance to France (location of servers, right?). In New Zealand I got a ping of 300-500 ms. In South Korea around 200-300 ms.

second time this happens to me..I clicked on a 10min unrated offer but ended up in a 1min game,which i lost on time and was warned...not good,mon ami.

In Egypt, that is in north africa,

ping 88 ms , .. usually between 80 and 110, sometimes but rarely spikes to 500

ping 1114 ms , 1600 ms, 1300ms ........
server 0. 8ms

Now ping 127... and server 0.6 from now in turky area..
Thanks mr thibault about this legend site lichess