Share your Server and Ping values

Server : 163
Ping : 1.1s

You can get these from top right by clicking your profile name.

Lets see what others are using.

server: 0.7 ms
ping: 337 ms

I have no idea if this is good or how it compares to averages. Also, it's more complex than this; ping can increase the longer someone is on a chess site. If that happens it can ruin someone's chess playing; I had to leave another free chess site when they changed their server.

I posted upside down, actually its

Ping 147ms
Server 0.7ms

I want to check what others are using as it I think it affects bullet rating.

Server : 0.7 ms
Ping : 132 ms


But my mouse is sometimes unresponsive.

Server 0.7
Ping 299

Ultra Rating 2136 no mouse touch and drag
Bullet Rating 2304 no mouse touch and drag