Seconds are added for each move

Well I have to say I like the 3 mins. + 2 secs. time controls.
It helps to avoid time trouble.

I would prefer seeing games with longer time controls like more minutes, but not seeing the increment time go over 5 seconds. If that increment time is too high, it's much to easy to increase the clock time and the game drags out.

If a 3 minute + 2 second per move is ruffly a 5 minute game ...
Is 8 mins + 2 secs ruffly a 10 minute game? And is 23 mins + 2 secs ruffly a 25 minute game?

If the total move window is between 40 to 60 moves, then 40 moves = 80 seconds and 60 move = 120 seconds
So if we had a clock set for 23 minutes + 2 seconds I think it would be ruffly just under a 25 minute game?

Is there an actual formula for this increment time conversion?

Yes, there's a formula.

If you hover over play and click create a game and play around with the time sliders, the shortest blitz game with no increment is 3 minutes.

If you move the minute slider to 1 and the increment to 0, that's a bullet (it says that at the bottom of the window)

Then increase the increment until it turns to blitz, it does that at 3 seconds increment.

So 3 minutes - 1 minutes = 120 seconds / 3 = 40.

ie the increment is multiplied by 40 and added to the minutes to work out what rating the game falls under.

It looks like 3 + 7 is blitz, 3 + 8 is rapid.

@h2b2 - This is how it works on On the website that shall not be named and under FIDE and USCF rules, the average game is assumed to be 60 moves long, and so 3+2 is equal to 5+0.

I started reading about tie-breaks ...

OTB tie-breaks start at 25 minutes + 10 seconds.
Then they move onto 5 minutes + 3 seconds games.
And if that did not do the trick, the Armageddon (sudden death games) are played with 5 minutes for White and 4 minutes for black. After 60 moves both players would get the increment time of +3 seconds per future moves. White must win, because a draw is a win for black. I don't think this type of time control exists on Lichess.

I guess OTB chess players should be at ease with these types of time controls. I've never had to play an Armageddon tie-breaker. It looks similar to a berserk setting.

I think I should start practicing these time controls.

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