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  3. Scid vs. PC Reports-Theory Table

I'm relatively new to utilizing the report feature in Scid vs. PC. Would anyone explain how to interpret the data in, "Theory Table"?

The Theory Table is giving you a summary of the opening lines found in your database/filtered list in the classic format used by the Opening Encyclopedia/MCO/BCO books.

It's a tree layout in horizontal format, white move on the top row, black on the bottom, repeated moves before a fork in the line as '...'; so a Gioco Piano/Two Knights alternative will be presented as

e4 Nf3 Bc4
e5 Nc6 Bc5

... ... ...
... ... Nf6

Numers at the end of each line are the total games in that line *including* the alternatives mentioned in the "[x]" notes and the score percentage

i have not checked for a while, is Scid vs PC able of live filtering the game list meanwhile?

Yes... if you apply any search criteria, the game list will be filtered in real time; you can then apply additional filters (with an "AND" or "OR" logic) by repeating the process

If you want a more persisent filter, you can use the Clipbase as usual... there are some functions that do not account for the dynamic filtered list, Opening report being one of them, and in that case the Clipbase will solve the issue

@LarsenB does it filter the games based on the moves i make on the board? (thats what i mean with 'live filtering' compared to manual filtering the game list based on a database search)

No, you have to open the base in tree mode to have the immediate filtering.
If you open both 'Tree' and 'Best game' views, then the best game list is refreshed in realtime as you move... this is similar to Chessbase behaviour when put in reference mode

For the main game list, you always need to push the board search button to apply the filter

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@LarsenB thanks. However, that is by far not the functionality Scid provides.

For example , if i want to have the games be strictly sorted by date, then elo, and then live filtered. And it is all in one view instead of two. Edit: and it does it automatically of course. Edit 2: looks like this here:

Actualy, I found out you can have that same result even in Scid vs PC, if you flag the (might have used a better name) 'adjust filter' checkbox in the Tree window shown above, near the 'refresh' one

With that checked, than the main list is filtered directly; that checkbox it's basically the equivalent of the board icon in the bottom left of your image

I use to keep both version installed, since there are things done better here and some better there; however even if I am not really interested in the "vs PC" part of the program, I still find that version a bit less buggy than the original one, and use it more often

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