Scheduled maintenance 23:00 UTC

We'll be upgrading the main backend server today, 23:00 UTC. Some downtime is expected.

@lucliasco I believe the tournament games would be interrupted, hopefully not causing too many unfair results/timeouts, and the tourney can be continued after the maintenance is complete. Sorry for the late announcement, but we need to upgrade asap.

If your original plan was to start 23:00 UTC, just delay it a few minutes. Maintenance should not take long.

Would one of the updates be the 'friends' bar at the bottom right corner?

@sharp_attacker There's a chance that the upgraded server can handle it by brute force. In any case it is coming back soon.

How long will maintenance take roughly? 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 2 hrs, etc...? Thanks

Thank you so much for all the work yours do to keep this site running.