sandbaggers you gotta luv em

Two games in a row, opponent gets bad position, leaves the game, (opening the game somewhere else to analyze?), comes back and plays a move. Then they leave the game. Today I'm just laughing at it.

^^^^ He's right

But seriously I looked through your games and I see no evidence of sandbagging please DM why you think this is I follow lot's of sandbaggers and would like to know what I could be missing here.

Maybe I misunderstood the term sandbagging. My opponent left the game two times and the timer showed counting off 30 seconds before "claim victory" button will turn on for (making no move).

I'm sorry if I used the term incorrectly. What exactly is sandbagging? Does it mean losing intentionally to lower your rating?

Yes,sandbagging is losing on purpose to keep lower rating.Usually it is done to enter low level tournaments.

Yeah, that guy wasn't a sandbagger (he was some other form of jerk). :)

let's call them a timebagger.

Sandbagging to get technical is "Entering a game with the reason behind the intent to lose being solely to lower one's own rating"

Now the tricky part is
Did the person enter the game with that mindset or acquire it midgame
Is their loss intentional
Was the loss meant to lower their rating or accomplish something else

The mods and I differ on these point's so we don't always agree on who should be banned. Also we want to avoid false positives at great cost which other than being polite is why we don't post this stuff in forums