Road to a title

ive been playing chess for like 4 months and about 1 month ago i started playing FIDE one of my goals is to get at least an NM title but i dont even know where to start currently my rating is 1680 im a noob so any pointers will be appreciated

Do not dream of titles or rating, just try to enjoy chess and get better at it.
Play only rapid and classical, no blitz, no bullet.
Whenever you lose a game, analyse it thoroughly.
Train tactics.
Study endgames.

Avoid blunders.
In the next game you were doing very well and on the brink of winning pawn c4. However ...Qf6 failing to Bg5 was easy to see.

"Avoid blunders" is advice on a par with "Don't screw up." Not overly helpful.

And obviously Bg5 wasn't all that "easy to see" (since he didn't).

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