No rematching is almost as strange as those few weirdos who don't play chess at all. Why don't they want to play chess, it's fun?
I think everyone should start playing chess immediately because it's fun and everyone loves it.

Likely they don't have time for another game at the moment, perhaps they want to analyze the game before playing another one, maybe they want to rest for a few minutes before playing again, or possibly they are playing in zen mode and don't want to play an opponent whose rating they already know.
Playing one game does not oblige anyone to play another one, and they could have any of a host of reasons for not wanting to.
Players who insist that their opponent is always obliged to rematch and get offended because they don't get one are the "weirdos". Because, as surprising as that may seem, not everyone has unlimited free time in all parts of the day to play chess against you until you are satisfied.

i like rematches most of the time i go for rematches when i lose a game which i should have won then i lose again and again...

Crying for a rematch is funny. What is the deal, do you get butthurt after losing?

Actually this is building upon what other people said but a lot of people use engines when you play them especially when they take the same amount of time to do a simple recapture. That is what encourage me to get better anything 1700 blitz and below has a lot a lot of cheaters compare to someone a little bit higher up. It does not mean that there are not cheaters but the instances in which I have encountered chess geniuses with 1800 1900 raiting is rarer than the mozarts of chess in the 1400 1500's.

roughly half the time my offer is accepted

I press the new game button too quickly for me to react to rematch offers

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