Why is it that no one rematches? I have had a few good 1-1 games, but then people just run away. Its fun to play the same person a few times. Can someone explain why players 1400-1600 don't rematch 1/0 or 3/0?

It's because we're scared of you, chess freak.

depends are your games fun or boring... i tend to rematch the people who can get into weird positions more over the ones where it's the same games over and over again

I think people rematch me about 1 in 10 times I offer it, whether I won or lost the game. It's starting to get so annoying waiting for a response to my rematch offer (which usually remains unaccepted and unrejected), that I'm just going to start leaving without bothering.

I never accept a rematch because from my experience in, in the few times I accepted a rematch, the opponent fired an engine (probably) against me.
So I am not willing to take the engine risk.

Why there are zillion threads whining about re-matches? why can t people learn to press "new opponent" button and move on with their lives?

#6, so people play at first a regular game and cheat in the second one? Did you hear this, Irwin?

Strange are the people and I have no decoder.

What do you find so strange about this?
Immature people are so mad that you have beaten them, so they use every weapon they have to beat you back.
I wasn't imagining it, suddenly after a patzer game they became Kasparov. or if they got in trouble in the rematch, suddenly they made super excellent suspicious defensive moves and won the game.
If I could ensure my opponent can't use an engine, I'd gladly play a rematch if I have time and not too tired from the first game.

I'll rematch sometimes, if it was a good close match and the rematch might be another good close match. If I took a real crushing I might not. Also, if I know I screwed up somewhere I might want to go straight to analysis to find out where/how.