Recommended longer time controls

I've been constantly hearing that longer time controls are better for improvement,but how long? 20+10? 45+45? 90+30? I have a lot of free time on my hands so I can play any of those,but i get tired fairly easily.

Experiment and find out what works for you maybe. However long it is, it doesn't hurt. Maybe 30+30 is good. Or maybe you can consider joining

No worries.
Also includes 90+30 series. You'd have to join #series-general on Slack once approved.

I personally like playing 10 minute games, i feel like they are really good time controls, you can play a decent game, without getting too tired. i tried 15 games with 15 second increment, but i feel like cheaters in incremented games are more, so rapid games are the way to go for me.

for improvement 10 minute game is decent, but dont forget to always analyze them and really check your mistakes. this is even more important

@bufferunderrun Is it 90+30 or 30+30 lonewolf? (I'm not calling you names. It's the name of the tournament.)

Oops, never noticed the first one. :)

I went to the site but couldn't find the 90+30 at all. Maybe it's another website.