Reached 2500 in tactics ! bu

I am prajna ! guys i want a little help ! i have crossed 2500 in tactics ! but i am not able to do well in my games ! Can you plz give me some suggestions ! plz.......

And I am stuck at 2250 puzzle rating...

Getting 2500 tactics rating at ur level is impressive (unless you cheated?)

I once reached 2600+ in tactics and realized it didn't do much D:

@kinuris yeah but getting 2500 puzzle rating at 1200 blitz rating is suspicious.

Actually i really spend time in doing tactics ! b'coz my coach said that if i do tactics then i can improve my games ! [ 5 mins = 1 tactics ] so that is why i am bad in blitz i guess....[ can you plz give me some tips !? ]

[ can you even cheat in lichess !?, isn't cheating illigal !? ]
but i am telling the truth that i really dont cheat ! [ i think i should use the tactics in my games ]

@Prajna1911 Try, if you are actually good at tactics then you should be able to achieve a good rating here, and since there is no way of cheating puzzles in chesstempo, people will believe you.

Oh thanks @Tihun ! i will try the puzzels there !
[ maybe i can improve my games !? ]

@Prajna1911 I improved in blitz just by trying to minimize my mistakes... but I still make a lot of mistakes. RIP