Reached 2000 in all variants :-p

Yes I did it! It took me more than one year. I'll post some insights if you're interested :-)
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Wow! Incredible achievement. Would be great to hear what you learned along the way.
Actually, it was an experience about learning, partially influenced by the reading of the book Ultralearning by Scott Young, which I recommend.
I started on Feb 25th 2021, with a blitz rating of 2201 and bullet rating of 2115.
I've set gradual challenges :
1. Get to the 90th percentile in every variant
2. Increase my rating by 50 Elo points in every variant
3. Reach 2000 in every variant
Here is the number of games needed:
King of the Hill : 54
Horde : 108
Three-check : 259
Crazyhouse : 304
Racing Kings : 402
Chess960 : 573
Atomic : 1414
Antichess : 1880

I already had a bit of experience in some variants, which I played in FICS ( :
Crazyhouse : 297
Chess960 : 118
Antichess : 1347

Some tips (more to come):
- It is important to set goals in order to improve: if I had just casually played for the same amount of time, I had never reached 2000 in every variant
- It is important to use every game, especially losses, in order to lear something (at least about openings)
- Antichess is the variant which I found the most difficult to learn, as it requires a different mindset (for instance it's not a good idea, usually, to attack enemy pieces)
King of the Hill : I first tried a strategy based on early king moves, but I quickly realized that it wasn't a good idea. So, I started playing openings and middlegames like in normal chess and it worked well. If you are 2000+ in normal chess, you should automatically be next to 2000 in KotH. This variant is not so interesting imho, as it is too similar to normal chess.
@JSorel37 said in #1:
> Yes I did it! It took me more than one year. I'll post some insights if you're interested :-)
Wow gratz! Im trying the same and its so hard!

To get your profile look better you should try to get 2000 rating in corespondence too XD
Horde : I won all my first games with black and lost all my first games with white... so, at first I was convinced that the initial position is winning for black. It's still the case now but with a bit less of conviction. Rule of thumb with black: it's ok to sacrifice a piece for 2 pawns, but not for just 1 pawn (at list in the opening). I lost an instructive game to an opponent playing Ra7-Ra8 many times in the opening: ; that changed my perception of the game. It's important, with white, to be tactically alert in the last phase of the game, when some pawns are close to the 8th rank: you have to choose the good move order!

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