Rating level benchmarks?

What would most people consider to be a good, an average or a bad rating level?

I'd say 1900+ is good, 1800-1400 is average, 1300 is kinda bad because if you think of 1500 (the rating you start with on here) as 0 and go below that, you're bitting negative which can't be good.

Hear it from the amateurs!

The Ordinary Noob = 0-1200
The Better Noob = 1200-1500
The Average = 1500-1800
The Above Average = 1800-2100
Good = 2100-2400

Above 2400 -> INSANE

Edit: No offense. The rating does not define how skilled you are at chess. No matter what others say, do not let your rating define you :)

@Da_One If rating doesn't define how good you are at chess, then what's the point in it? -_-

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