Rating formula in lichess changed?

I used to be 1700-1800 on other account with peak of 1950 mostly, once record as 2020. On this account(I dont use the old one, wanted new nickname), i had 1750-1900 rating, from start of the year till summer, i barely played in august and september, now i played more in october and rose very quickly from 1906 to 2024. From the start of the summer several of my friends have also said that they have seen this change in their rating and their friends rating. Around 100-150 points higher then they used to be.

I would like to think that im so good and my friends are so good that suddenly we just became so much stronger, but logic dictates that most likely something else is a factor here.

I have experienced the same. For 2 years since I joined my bullet rating ranged between 1900-2100. Since August the range has jumped 100 points. The new normal is 2000-2200 and this is over many hundreds of games.

Yeah my friends too. Anyone else has expirienced this lately?

Only thing that changed is the minimum of the RD was lowered. Which shoudl make ratings dash more stable. Inparticular with players who are consistent

But rating pools can experience jumps if for instance lots of players quit. Thats not that unlikely.

Dunno bullet ratings have for sure greater variaton than blitz but that shoudl still be within about 100 pts

Couldn't it be that after two years of playing, you finally improved beyond your past elo ? Which would be normal.

Oh interesting @petri999 maybe there was some kind of mass-ban event or deleteing old accs or something like that or some kind of mass protest.

@Oimat It could, but could it be that most of my friends expirience the same too at the same time?

I think its a match making change. I was going against weaker players on quick match, after the summer, avarge rating of my opponents rose, so my rating rose too.

@Perihanna I have not changed the way I seek opponents.
@Oimat My rating has been very stable for 25 years, nor have I made any effort to improve.

I am talking about quick match-making algorithm, it may have changed to pit similar rating people more than before so you can potentially gain or lose rating quicker.