Rating Dropped!!!

Hello! I want to share this to you.
Recently I played a lot of 10+0 (in lichess) and I lost almost 90% of them thus I dropped a hundred of my rating making my 2000 to 1899 in just 3-5 days.
I want to see your thoughts on this
and what should I do because it's kinda depressing to me I feel like i wanna stop playing please respect and thank you

ps. maybe some of you would say play longer games, I know but I want to know why I'm this in stupid stage thank you!

It is normal for your rating to fluctuate up and down. Maybe you were overrated at 2000 and underrated at 1900. Do not worry about rating, it will readjust itself as you play.
There is also a psychological factor. When you were rated 1900 and you played someone rated 2000 you maybe gave it your best effort, thought carefully about your moves... When you are rated 2000 and you play someone rated 1900 maybe you think it will be a piece of cake, you play carelessly and too fast...
There is also an external effect. When many players weaker than 1500 join lichess, they donate rating to the pool as they drop below 1500 and thus everybody's rating goes up. When many players stronger than 1500 join lichess, they drain rating from the pool as they rise above 1500 and thus everybody's rating goes down.

Scaccistica (chess blindness).
This term was coined by the famous chess teacher and doctor, Siegbert Tarrasch, to explain chess blunders.

It comes and goes...

@tpr correct analysis on what joining does. Just that case 'many strong players joining' does not happen. THere are allway more weak than strong players joining

random fluctuation explaing a lot. Losing 109 games in row can indicate that you were not at your best or just unlucky. By pure chance there is about 1/1000 chance winning and losing 10 in row (assuming typical lichess draw rate) . That rare but rare is rare no impossible.

don t worry too much about ratings.... you still about the same chess playing ability no matter what if you have a winning streak and suddenly go up 200 point theres so many s you are still play at about your same level you had... any thats what i always tell myself on losing streaks theres so many cheaters you cant worry about too much it was just last month i dropped 178 points in 4 days in blitz or a person could just play the computer all the time and devise your own rating system you might as well anyway because lots of times thats what your doing anyway. just enjoy every game you play no matter what your actual chess ability or rating is a big giganic average of many games of all your good days and bad days .....however.... sometimes your game gets figured out and gets passed around rather quicly in the club so be wary of that sometimes you have to change up something or devise something new

sory meant 10 obviously that enough to drop rating alot

I have that problem myself only 800 points lower then you,
It is all relative.
For me chess is like running with a sprained ankle, im not well equipt.
i play 30 games and lose 29 and have 1 win because they drop out because internet sucks for some.
I had a good day and now my rating is inflated and i play free style because i would drop 400 points easily and get demotivated.
I know im stupid but to have it confirmed each day is painfull, but truth hurts i hear some say.
So if you want to beat up somebody and feel better, poke me for a game.

#4 Normally more <1500 home players join, but COVID19 may have driven >1500 club players to lichess.

#9 Why do not you play a longer time control: rapid or classical. You have more time to think about your move, you can avoid blunders, you can learn from your games. I believe it will be more fun. For the top players it is the opposite: they play bluuet and blitz to get a break from the long concentration of classical games. For them bullet and blitz are more fun.

Playing unrated is like a fat person avoiding the balance or a sick person fearing the thermometer. That is denial. An artificial inflated rating is worse than a real rating that reflects your true skill.

Do not worry about rating. It is just a number to get more or less fitting pairings. You do not get paid for your rating. For a professional player it is different: once he drops below say 2400 his starting fee drops and gets less tournament invitations.