Rating difference between Lichess and

I've been playing on lichess for more than 2 months, and I have a consistent rating between 1500-1550 (for rapid games 15 mins, with 10 second increment).
Few weeks ago, I started playing on For the same level of play, I am consistently at 1150 (same time controls). What could be the reason for this rating difference? Is it because of the number of players on the platform?

@duststormq8 Would you say the competition you are facing at the Lichess rating you are is better/worse/level?, if you took a gut judgement on it?. are you finding more/less user friendly?

I noticed that on both sites that when you first start we get a provisional rating that takes a certain amount of games before we get pigeon holed into an "official" rating. Would you say that upon your entry to that you had a few duff games more than normal or were happy with results?

Just wondering if it is systems, ease of use, personal experience etc, trying to eliminate. Would be good to know.

@TheEighthRank . Based on around 100 games I played this month on (around 1100-1200 players) and around 300 on lichess (1400 to 1500 players), I find the games at much tougher. Maybe it is just my perception.
In any case, I have made up my mind to play on both platforms and consistently improve my openings and to avoid traps so I can build a solid middle game (slowly reaching that now). But the rating differences puzzled me.

@duststormq8 Interesting. Are there any active (play lots of games on both platforms) GMs, IMs etc we can compare I wonder. See if they are much different.

Rating system just isn't the same, check forums is better at only one thing: getting money from users

There are many reasons for that, but one most obvious is fact that you start with 1500 here and 1200 on Lichess use diffrent key factor in rating so we gain less points but also loose less points. Also its diffrent player pull, diffrent people are comparing to each other (maybe you are best at basketball in Serbia, but try USA). rating exists only because there are lots of us who win and loose and compare against each other, its all about x player has x% chance vs y player because x player beaten a lots of players which y player struggled with. Edit: Im always at 1850-1950 range here and 1690-1780

Lichess uses the rating system Glicko 2, which corrects rating inflation. uses the rating system Glicko 1, which doesn't correct rating inflation, for the complaints of many. There is a phenomenon which causes the ratings to inflate too much at the top and to decrease at the bottom compared to other websites and even the players' true Fide rating.

@MasterTactics "There is a phenomenon which causes the ratings to inflate too much at the top"

ahh, is that why people like Hikaru have crazy 3000+ ELO ratings on

I have thousands of games on each site. I play just sub1500 here. I play about 1200 on chess. Com Thought it was just me.