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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Rated games should always be random

Otherwise we get guy like YetAgain playing all his games as white

Anonymous #2

quit crying and fist yourself

Anonymous #3

As long as people want to play against him, I don't see the problem. No-one is being forced to do anything. If he thinks he can inflate his rating with a 30 odd points, let him. Seriously, who cares?

That's right. No black, no fart, no sorrows...

Must be hard for the 1 minute engine to switch with random on,
so plays with 1 color!

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Anonymous #7

Which one's the daddy?

good question :)

Anonymous #9

lol how does a pawn become stinky? Maybe i dont want to know

Anonymous #10

Who the fuck is sniffing pawns?