Random user offending me on all my posts

Sounds annoying,but it's better to just report him instead of making a topic about it.

Actually, by posting this instead of reporting, you are guilty of shaming.
I have read all of the mentioned threads, just so the posts could be read in context, and I judge @komokid of being lenient.

It's very SJW to get offended by everything and I'm offended by you being offended.

Are these games fake? I mean, how is it possible that you and your opponent that often blunder?

And you too offended someone, by saying opinion from unrated players doesn't count...

Also, I agree with jonesmh

The kid is over the line, but your posts are somewhat provocative and not always respectful towards your opponents.
This thread were better closed.

Looks like he got chat banned, but make sure to keep your own posts respectful.

I did not and im sorry dude i didn't mean it just pplease dont be mean to Innate i got angry because he is a friend of mine :( sry dude just promise dont be mean to IA and i wont be mean to

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