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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Questions about the Marathon .... I'll follow who bests answers these questions

Q#1 : If I feel tired and I want to quit do I get eliminated in the marathon ?

A n s w e r : ?

Q#2 : How do chess marathon trophies work ?
( I already know Top 50 and Top 10s get a trophy but how does the top survivor trophies work? )

A n s w e r : ?

Q#3 : In reference to a question in the Marathon Chat
" Do I get #1 survivor trophy even If I lose all my games ? "

A n s w e r : ?

Q#4 : If I lose to a hacker or a 2300 pretending to be a 1600 do I get those rating points or tournament points back?
( I don't know how you use an engine in 3 min chess but I've seen people get banned in bullet before so I would think it's not impossible )

A n s w e r : ?
THX! <3 If you have a question you want to add feel free .

My favs to win it are : Lance , Me , Bahadir , Cosine and Penguin.

Oh yeah one last thing are coffees allowed , I might crack open a cold one with the boys if I start tilting :)

1) You can leave and rejoin at any time without being eliminated or losing points/rating

2) The Top 10 and 50 trophies are self-explanatory, the "Marathon Survivor" trophy was for participants in the first marathon, which fell to bits because the server couldn't cope with the load. This has long since been fixed

3) There will (hopefully) be no need for survivor trophies.

4) Not sure about getting rating back, but cheat detection has been used in marathons before, with people being banned (I've seen this happen)

#1 No (See

#2 The winner, top 10, top 50 and top 100 players will get unique trophies on their profile page (See

#3 There is no survivor trophy

#4 Yes

@thibault What was the highest number of players reached in a marathon?