Puzzles top 10

But is there any way to cheat on puzzles? I think to find the way takes some mind effort to be applied. So in a sense puzzle cheaters deserve their high rating.

@billy_ombima Yeah I don't understand either,but it might make someone feel better seeing his rating being high even if he cheated to accomplish it

@giannistst12 That's ridiculous. Because at the end of the day one may play OTB game and perform dismally. Anyway, I understand people like doing crazy stuff when they are anonymous.

who can reach the 3000 mark in FIDE ratings


I think I'll take a picture of my meaningless puzzle rating once I break the 3000 barrier. One more high-rated puzzle of the day should do it...


I did NOT cheat. Remember that. I simply used an exploit. I assume you just like accusing people of cheating. But, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're genuinely unaware of the difference between cheating and exploiting. If I entered all the puzzle positions into Fritz, had the computer solve them for me, and then used those solutions, that would be cheating. If I play the puzzle of the day over and over again for rating, that's only an exploit. Understand the difference?