Puzzles top 10

It would be interesting if Lichess had a puzzles top 10.I think this would motivate more players to try to see their potential in combinative positions.Moreover I personally want to see which are the best players in solving puzzles in the site

I'll tell you what's wrong with that: cheating. I do it myself on puzzles. I'm rated around 1700 here, but my puzzle rating is 2700. I achieved that using an exploit. And if they update Lichess so that you can't do what I've done, I could still use an engine to boost my puzzle rating. Bear in mind, cheating on puzzles does not violate any Lichess rules.

I've also used an exploit (but not a cheat) to get myself to be a top 50 player in Racing Kings -- if I were to play without the exploit in that variant, I doubt I'd make it past 1600.

I'm wondering what this exploit is?

Lichess could post the top 10 but not use them for rating purposes.

Ok I get it,but cheating doesn't really help you improve.Trust me trying hard and failing is better but this might have helped you as well.I'm just proud of reaching 2350 and would love to see the ones who have mastered puzzles.

I think many people found that exploit ;) But tactics is just for your own training, otherwise it's just wasting time.

However, implementing something like how many puzzles one can solve in a given time, there would be the possibility to introduce a toplist ;)

Jonesmh, here's what you do: go to the puzzle of the day, and attempt it. If you fail, look at the solution and memorize it. Then, go to the next puzzle, but don't attempt it. Instead, go to the home screen and play the puzzle of the day again, and it will count for rating again! You can do this unlimited times. For me to get to 2700, I had to wait until the puzzle of the day was rated 2300.

Giannists12, my point is, you're obviously a much better player than I am. You're rated 2200 classical, and I'm only 1700. Yet, if we were to rank players based on the puzzles, I'd be way ahead of you.

And I did briefly experiment with the trying and failing method, and I attained a solid-ish puzzle rating of 1800. But that's nothing compared to the phoney puzzle rating I have today.

@Optmath Yes I think that's a good idea.I've thought of such things.For instance they could try to create a puzzle tournament if possible

Why should someone waste time cheating on puzzles? Why cheat on yourself? And waste time?! I love my low ratings here. Coz they'really all MINE :-) And the good thing I'd that I keep improving naturally.

Cheating on puzzles is probably the saddest thing I ever heard...;)