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  3. Puzzles got harder?

Does anyone else feel like the puzzles got a lot harder?

2200+ is where I really start to struggle. That's always been the case really.

is there any possibility to get more difficult puzzles to practice on this site? theres no improvement to solve one and same rating

once you improve your tactic rating you will get harder puzzles, if you have 2000 rating on it you will more likely get from 1800-2200 puzzles if you are 2500 rating you could get 2100+ since there isn't a puzzle rated 2600+ that i know, if there is, i would like someone could share us a link of it.

They should match your overall ratings in the ideal case. So they are still too easy?

my rating is not significant here since i not go for it, play only friendly, as i heard there is option to choose level of puzzles on other sites so i wonder why here is no such option

I want to select level of puzzles, from rating, to rating...
Because if I found out solution, I receive + 5, if my solution is incorrect, I receive -30.

Yes, the Puzzles at the same ELO Lever got harder in the last time.
Just look at the Youtube Video"Stream recap - Solving puzzles (30-11-2017)" from TricksOnly.
The first puzzles there had a rating around 2100 a year ago but only have a rating around 1900 now.

Actually I'm experiencing a totally different phenomenon now, maybe because I am doing puzzle numbered above 100000 due to the sheer number of puzzles I've done.
I was around 2000-2200 for few months where some 2600 puzzles were as hard as 9 move deep sequence, and suddenly I jump to 2500-2600, where I see for the first time some puzzles around 2700-2800, but are just puzzle that finish in 2 moves. I'm not fully sure I am able attribute my sudden rise in puzzle rating to an actual improvement. Some 1800 rated puzzles were actually harder to calculate non-engine defense lines than some 2100 rated puzzles, but was very intuitive.

Otherwise... it may just be that I've become a tactical monster (only when opponent blunders, since lichess puzzles aren't really generated through inaccuracies or mistakes).

After many puzzles more you are still above 2500. Maybe you are actuality a tactical monster now.
How long does it take you on average to solve a puzzle?

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