Puzzle rush world record (70!)

Incredible! That knight jump vision is incredible.

The fact is that is a old video... the record is now 98... and it's still Casper Schopen!

This is a terrific example of strength and speed! I'm crazy about him.

If he has already come to 98, it probably has no analogues.

He says he memorized the hard puzzles, of which there aren’t that many. But HOW MANY? Does anyone here know?
Without memorizing he wouldn’t get half that score. I heard Spicy Caterpillar (Rey Robson) also memorized some hard puzzles, allowing him to get 61. Naka for some strange reason refuses to look at and figure out the puzzles he misses, and just keeps trying again and again from beginning... Naka looked up like 4 puzzles...

Anyway, it would be nice if this guy recorded himself with a camera facing the screen AND his hand and mousepad visible. Better still would be him doing it on another computer owned by someone else, not his friends etc., to completely eliminate any doubts anyone might have about cheating.

what is the OTB rating of this individual who managed to get 70?

@Chessy64 He's an IM, OTB is 2462. You can be fast at tactics but not be a good player. The statement "Chess is 99% tactics" is not true ya know.

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