Puzzle Rating

Here's something I don't get. When in puzzle training, why does the site give the link to the game before the puzzle is even attempted? Doesn't that mean anyone can just check the position and then come back and get the puzzle right every time? It seems to me that I can increase my puzzle rating indefinitely with this method.

wow. I had never noticed that (maybe because i do the puzzles mainly from the phone). But you are right, it is actually possible to cheat from the Website.

Is this a bug the developers should fix?
Even if you cheat and get your tactics rating to 3000 what have you actually gained?

I mean, if you cheat in rapid or blitz you gain access to tournaments where having a certain rating is required or maybe you can even win a tournament (and money).

But what would the reward be for cheating in puzzles?

It's a victimless crime so I don't see why it matters

I agree that it harms no one. But still, the way it is now, you can't be sure if one's puzzle rating really reflects their strength at solving. Imo they should have a feautre where we can get the link to the game but then the puzzle won't count.

There is no real way of checking if someone is cheating with puzzles, so there is never any guarantee a puzzle rating reflects someones ability. besides that, some choose to go through puzzles quickly while others might spend a long time on each puzzle. This means the ratings don't really mean anything, even without "cheating".
Considering all of this, there is no reason to discourage "cheating".

The only use of the puzzle rating is for the algorithm to find you a suitable next puzzle around your current skill level (and preferred approach to puzzle solving, as was said above: quick, or spending 20 minutes or more for one puzzle.)

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