Profile reset

I think allowing change of username should solve a lot of these concerns and shouldn't be too difficult to implement. I can see that this may cause issues if there are thousands of games, but allowing a change, say once a month, shouldn't be a big deal.

Deleting such key content could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the spacetime continuum and destroy the entire universe!

Is there a way to reset puzzle training rating and do all the puzzles again?
The puzzle rating is not on leaderboard, there are no opponents, so the puzzle rating belongs only to the player. Also, it might be beneficial to do puzzles many times. That's the "Woodpecker Method".
Also the players should be able to delete the casual games with AI, together with training positions created by board editor because this would not affect the rating system and there are no opponents to share the games with.

Name change would be pretty confusing.
The games you played with your old name will have to be rewritten somehow.

Introducing immutable surrogate key ( should allow changing of usernames. All games would be tracked using the surrogate key and there could be couple of API methods to lookup the surrogate key of an existing user and username from a surrogate key.

This should also not impact migration of existing games and profiles as the surrogate key (for existing profiles) be kept the same as the existing usernames.

Existing users who want to reset their profiles can update their existing usernames (which make the old name available again) and the old game databases (pgn tarballs) would not be impacted as the names there are interpreted as surrogate keys.

New users should get system generated surrogate keys distinct from their usernames.

#16 It seems like the programmers might find a use for this suggestion.
Try submitting this as a request in the "Lichess Feedback" forum.

I would also like the option of making sure I am not paired with a player that has disabled the take back option.

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