Premoves discussion 2.0

Would be nice to have at least two conditional premoves, where the second premove could be input while pressing a special key and cancelled using another key.

What is your problem with premoves ?
What part of online chess is realistic that you complain about premoves ?
Bullet can't be played OTB. I'm sure more than 99% of players do not premove in slower-than-bullet time controls.
I'm perfectly fine with me and my opponents premoving, since I mostly play Atomic, and Atomic is not played otb.

Pre-moves are most important (and most annoying/helpful) in bullet games. And, frankly, bullet IS about time. If someone flags you in bullet although you should have won in terms of position, that's still a legitimate win over you - bullet is not just about chess, it's also about time management and that's your own responsibility.

Just think of premoves as compensation for not being able to see your opponent execute their move like in real chess, where you can have a heads-up on their next move.