Premoves discussion 2.0

Should we have premoves, or should we ban it? Cast your votes below!

what is the problem with premoves? I like it

why would you want to ban premoves? what's wrong with it?

lol there is nothing wrong with it. If you don't want premoves turn the setting off.

currently, our cast about premoves is three to zero, in favor of having premoves.

I'm in favor of having pre-moves.

I'm in favor of allowing more than one pre-move.

Is someone crying about this again?

try to play ultrabullet while not premoving. premove wont go away

What happens if you need to say go to the bathroom in a rapid? Just offer a forced exchange and remove it! It would be a huge nerf to all ultra bullet players, unfortunately.

I'd say get rid of premove.

Its not like you can do it in IRL chess; yet sill plenty of badass bullet players.

Many other chess sites with 1min/2min/30 second time controls do not have premoves and players dont have issues.

Makes the clock a real thing; instead of giving such a heavy advantage to ping differentials.

Kinda a slap when your playing a 2min game; you have 30 seconds left n opponent has 3 seconds; yet they premove n lag n are able to get 10-15 moves in those 3 seconds; meanwhile your the one who gets flagged lol.

TBH I dont really care one way or the other; it would certainly change a lot of things. I dont think the same people would be topping the leaderboards anymore :p (not saying I would be one; I wouldnt haha)

@DollaHollaAtcha #9

Yeah, that's the one problem with LiChess -- that time is not deducted for using pre-moves. Most other chess websites DO allow pre-moves (or, conditional moves in correspondence), but impose an automatic time penalty (so that the clocks will eventually run-out).

One website has a rule that says "0.1 deducted from clock before a pre-move executes" -- If you have 3 seconds on the clock, and great ping, then you've got 20 to 30 moves (more than 10 or 15 to flag against 30 seconds).

So, even if LiChess starts deducting time on pre-moves, flagging like that is still going to happen ;)