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Hi Everyone! I have a question: If someone is playing a game and pre-moves, then is the one playing going to loose any time like 0.1 seconds or something. I also play on and when I pre-move, I loose time like 0.1 seconds, So I wanted to know that whether time is lost or not while pre-moving on lichess. Thanks!

When you do premoves in Lichess,they do not lose any time.If there is a lag,then it gets compensated and time is added to your clock.

On this topic of pre-moves, I'd like for lichess to incorporate the types of premoves that are at, where you can make several premoves but you lose a little time for each one.

Actually when you premove, the time is deducted by only 0.01 second so it nearly means nothing. Moreover, I also suggest the idea of adding more premoves than just one because you don't have that much time, especially in bullet and ultrabullet

@FireWorks Yes, Multi pre-move would be an excellent feature and it will be even better if you will not even loose time like 0.1 seconds.

@hidebehindabike 0.01 seconds mean a lot. When I used to play Bullet on, In a Bullet game I had one second left on the clock so of course I was Multi pre-moving. I noticed that I am loosing 0.1 seconds per move even when I am pre-moving. I eventually lost the game so 0.1 second slowly but surely kills seconds:)

I have never played in, but from reading this I think:
You can only make 150 moves (300 half moves) at max. Now, this number goes down due to the fact that people will do dirty stuff to burn the clock down. That's really less number of moves for a fast chess game.

The premove in lichess, is a big help, but mecanize or not what' are you think?

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