Post any of your "Join ______ Team" links here!

This will (hopefully) prevent people from spamming the forums with teams to join.

I got a really big team and they need some really big rings

You are warmly invited to join "Elite Correspondence Chess Club" !

You can ask for membership if you
- are playing correspondence chess seriously
- have correspondence chess ELO > 2100

You are defintively in, when you have played at least 3 correspondence chess games against the same opponent.
Otherwise it must be obviously in your profile, that you play correspondence chess regularily.

- to help you to find serious opponents for correspondence games playing as a match
- to organize an "Elite of correspondence chess" tournament

If you want to join please click, your request will be soon checked!

One Correspondence Chess Tournament is already running (round robin, 10 players, average 2300).
2nd Elite Correspondence Chess Tournament planned in mid of July 2020!

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