Do you say hi to other people during games? Is it polite to chat to your opponent?

@rampageJackson Good luck. Hello. Good game. These are normal gestures of beginning/endgame chat.

It's your decision to reply. Hardly matters either way. (usually a hello or good luck) Anything other than that kind of balances on common sense. Hope this was partially useful.

Ps: cool username.

@rampageJackson Was your user name inspired by "Action-Jackson" ? :]
No talking during games (especially rated)...It tends to wreck one's focus. Like Kanaan said...Before and /or after the game. :]

Thank you all.

"Action-Jackson" lol. I just don't know how people use the auto reply feature. It happened to me once or twice that someone had like an auto reply for when the game started or ended.

Yeah, mostly before and after games - Occasionally I will chat in the middle of a game, especially if it's casual and just for fun.
Hope this helped

When playing in zen mode the chat is diabled. Is the opponent informed, when zen mode is on?

Unless its an attractive titled female player, I will most likely not chat with them.