Please suggest books for rapid and blitz chess

Please suggest books for rapid and blitz chess


I have seen a couple of advanced books for that specifically, but generally it’s all same as slower time control chess, just you make decisions faster. Just study the normal stuff and tactics. it’s all the same thing.

I've read a book about how to play rapid chess, and it's best advice was to make the simpler tactical moves instead of looking for the best moves.

#3 is right. In slower chess Soviet School taught to look for truth in chess, to find the best move, this is why guys like Grischuk run into time trouble, he said he was taught to look for the best moves in any position. In blitz and especially in bullet, as Carlsen said, the most important thing is the flow: next move, next move, next move etc., When you just make any moves that look like the right kinds of moves in such positions, and don’t try to find the win or the best move, because you will lose on time then... If you find the win Or the best move in 1 or 2 seconds, great! If you don’t, move on. Just move something.

there is a book about blitz in finnish :) I guess does not help you too much. Advice was
- Opening should be based system opening where you dont need check too much. Like kings indian attack, london, colle
- Try have advantage in the clock. 30 sec in five minute game is about half a pawn. Obviously towards en of the game way more
- Flow of the game, on whose clock game is being played. Keeping tempo and being able to think on opponents time is very important

Other that that it is chess. Good chess book is good chess book for any time control

There are two type of Blitz players:

-quick, safe, a certain rhythm, always keep the clock of the opponent ticking
-trying to play good or best moves

You decide. Either way, you have to be good at chess generally, so you have to improve your overall play.

PS: I am rather type 2, type 1 is probably more successful.


There is also the kind of blitz and especially bullet players I have the most trouble with since adults are generally slow and poor at tactics and defence:

- insane sacrificial, Grob playing, or B:f7+ sacrificing (unsoundly) kind that plays with hyper bullet speed. Even thou you are 2 pawns up against them it’s hard to defend the annoying typical follow ups to that Bishop on f7 sac (Ng5+, Qb3+ etc.) Those people studied a couple of such traps and attacking set-ups, so they know them well. Annoying and frustrating LOL

And there is one more annoying kind that’s hard to deal with in bullet:

A player who sits on his first 3 ranks, sets up a hedgehog and does NOTHING, shuffling his queen back and forth, waiting for you to make contact and overextend, and running your clock.


Ok ok, don’t be so harsh, I’m done with bullet for a while. Only blitz now and later longer time control and OTB. But come on, bullet is chess also. What clearly becomes less chess and more something else, where I totally agree with you, is 15 second hyper bullet, Because there you have to learn new skills which are useless in normal chess, like series of safe premoves, safe but tricky gamble attacking premove series etc.