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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Please, remove the limit of members in the study.

You're just spamming people by sending 30 invitations per study (not even talking about the 130 you're asking for).

Say each of these 30 persons also makes a study every day and invite 30 persons. We will all drown in notifications and stop looking at them.

Do not invite people to your studies, unless they have expressed an explicit desire to join it. Or else it's just spamming.

These people expressed a clear desire to attend the study. But these people are more than 30 people.

Why do you need to be able to add that many to a study?

another solution, send them once a decryption key, then post this secret study link encrypted to the members forum. World will try hard for sure in order to hack this mysterious study link but if you use a good encryption algorithm they wont suceed!


Are there any plans to make it possible to have group chats in lichess? @thibault ?

By the way, I love the new improvements.

How are these threads (and lichess "teams" like not a valid group chat ?

i mean group private messaging

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