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  3. Please, remove the limit of members in the study.

install a chat software like skype. i think it is possible there

i don't think that you are that one who can tell us what to do or not to do , it will not bother you , so bye

So enjoy your problem that you want to have.

Sure it's possibly. I am just saying there are various ways to get around the problem you are experiencing. But you seem reluctant to do so.

OK. Let me tell you that we have been looking for a solution to this problem for a couple of months and have not found a way to solve it. We are badly looking for?
Not all of us use social networks. Facebook, Skype or something else. The only thing we all use is lichess. Lichess unites us.
You say that we are looking badly. Help us find a solution? Maybe something we missed? Perhaps during these two months we passed by some very good option? Will you help us?
Or maybe we just change in the site code one number to another?

In general, you know, I did not think that solving such a trifling problem would take so much time and take so much energy. The desire to help develop lichess has greatly reduced me. Why are you kidding people like that? Why do you suck the last of them out? Maybe this time and these forces people could spend on the help of lichess, rather than on the bickering on the forum due to a change in one number in the site code.

As you have been explained before there is a good reason the numbers are set as they are.

'Help us find a solution? Maybe something we missed? Perhaps during these two months we passed by some very good option? Will you help us?'

Have you tried googling 'open source browser chat software with desktop alert'? If you all share just the browser, you may find a solution here.

What's preventing you guys sending a chain message? Literally copy and paste the message and have the receiver send it the next person. For an example, I send a message to Thibualt and he PM it to lovas, who then PM it to some other dood

For example, ask the author of this ...

... if he can help you. If he sees you are a non techy chess community he will for sure love to help.

@xXJrHoLLoWeDXx another creative solution.

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