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  3. Please, remove the limit of members in the study.

Please, remove the limit of members in the study. Thank you in advance. I hope you will help us.

This is a closed study. It can only be accessed through an invitation!

Then make it unlisted instead.

The study will be able to come to someone who knows the link? This is true?
Then how do I send my friends a link? Send 60 private messages? It will not work. This is long and after 20 messages I will be blocked private messages for a day.
Why do we need such difficulties? There is already a convenient system of invitations to study. I need to conduct a closed study for 60-70 people. Why can not I do this?
Why do we need restriction at least 30 people in the study? Let's cancel it. Please, let's cancel it, it hinders us very much.

Why do you need 60-70 contributers in the study?

it is not for study , it is for having a conversation with all members

Now on lichess there is no good way to send friends a password for a closed tournament.

1. The first way is to send 60 private messages. It is very long and difficult. And as we already know, lichess does not allow sending more than 20 personal messages. Then private messages are blocked and they can not be used for 24 hours.

2. Create a closed study, write a study chat password and a link to the tournament. You can very quickly call all friends who are online. Simply click the invite member and click on the button with his name. It's very fast and easy. But when invited 30 people, you need to remove someone and invite new ones. It is very difficult. Those who have been removed from the study can not go there again and see the password if they forgot it. And the person who engages in the invitation should remember all 30 people whom he had already invited and removed, so as not to invite them a second time. It's a giant problem.

I understand that you need a new functionality for closed tournaments, where you can invite as well as you can invite to study. But so far there is no such possibility on lichess. So could you please remove the restriction for 30 participants for study so that we can enjoy lichess and rejoice and tell everyone what lichess is a wonderful site. Now we can not say so. We are faced with difficulties that nobody needs. Why this restriction on 30 participants, can you explain?

And please do not tell us to use Facebook for this, as you suggested earlier. We do not want to use facebook, we want to enjoy our favorite lichess.

Please, remove the limit of members in the study.

Something is scary with all these 'please remove the limit' lemmings. I strongly suggest not to touch the limit. make the study public and you can chat with everybody. If someone trolls, report him. Lichess is open, so should be your study.

It seems that you have not even read the essence of the problem. The study should be closed. How to invite people in a closed study?
Carefully read the topic before saying something.

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