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  3. Please enlighten me. Why did this draw?

I was messing around with an earlier game I played using stockfish 3. Although I admit it dragged a bit, like to say my attention wasn't all there, but surprised me when it ended with a draw.

I flipped through the game a bit, but am having a hard time identifying the issue. I understand the rule of position redundancy not necessary to be in sequential move order. Idk??

I believe that this was a draw by the 50 move rule.
The last pawn was captured on move 68, and a draw was declared on move 68+50=118.

Move 68 was the last capture or pawn move. The game is drawn due to the 50-move rule.

Also note that on move 67, Rxe3 is slightly better and exploits that the black rook is overloaded.

Thank you!

No one won both players lost good sports