Players not accepting rematches

I honestly don't even understand why you would want a rematch. I much prefer playing against different opponents, different openings, different playing styles etc.

Now, it's a different story in Ultra and Hyper. But even there: Just because I play a game with you, that doesn't mean I want to play several. I'm just a sportsman and don't abort it.

Stop shaming people for not wanting to rematch, it's noone's duty to play with you
Dancing with all the girls on the dancefloor is so much more fun then dancing with the same girl over and over again. Eventually she will start nagging and demand you change somehow.
I actually agree with the post. I mean... i would like to dance with all the girls but sometime i play against opponents with particular openings that i would love to have a chance to play against again and they just run away after 1 game. For real sometime i play 50 matchs in a row, ALWAYS asking for rematch and no one accepts...

Basically, i am saying you can learn way better by replaying an opening directly than by aimlessly rematching and sometime in the future getting that same opening played against you and not even remembering what you once did.

I already made a post about this "issue" asking for an option to play best of 3 or best of 5 matches. Basically before even playing you would select this options and you would be matched with an opponent who also selected this option and would be "forced" to play a bet of 3/5 depending what you selected. If you quit before the match is over i would give a penalty like not being able to play this option for 1 or 2 day if the person repeats the quitting. This way, people who like rematch would be paired against people who also want to rematch and people who likes to dance with every girl can just go as they want :P

I would LOVE best of 3/5 getting implemented!
How do I know my opponent is offering a rematch? Someone post a screenshot and explain.
Think it's because they don't want to lose again. Personaly, I think you should accept it to try to beat that person again and learn from your mistakes.
What's up with players that always want to rematch when they lose. Only offer rematches when you win.
It really depends if you gave your opponent a hard time or not. If they won with a small material difference they would most likely leave because they would want to find an easier opponent. If your opponent won by a rook or a minor piece they may expect you to repeat those mistakes so they will try to take advantage if you do accept the rematch.
I just go to the next game, either win or lose.
If i win i most likely check with the engine, but if i lose, i just click find opponent. I only play like 3 in a row usually, so i try to get the next game asap.
Because you just want revenge. Unless you are a friend, I won't accept rematches much. If you crush me that's it if i crush you stay there in pain. I don't owe you a rematch. You are basically telling us we didn't deserve to win.

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